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We would like to ask you, before you show interest in a puppy from our breeding, to carefully read the following, albeit somewhat more comprehensive, information, there you  find our onditions also for sale of our puppies

    It might seem that, based on the success of our breeding, we are  looking for only breeders. However, the opposite is true. There are very few breeders who can boast of being the owner of a male or female from our breed. Because the show career of the puppy has never been, is not and will not be a priority for us when choosing suitable owners for our puppies. We always welcome those who are looking for their  family new member and a partner for activities in their free time. We are looking for always the family of which he will become a full-fledged member, where he will live at home in the residential part of the house or apartment, where they will cared with the greatest care and love all his life and where he will once again complete his life's journey in the circle of his loving family. This is our idea of a future home for our puppies. We are very happy to meet such people.

    However, if you are only looking for a living toy for your ill-mannered children, a fashionable decoration for your show garden or perhaps a dog for a outside kennel, please don´t contact us, we would be wasting time unnecessarily.
We choose the future owners of our babies very carefully so that during a personal visit to our kennel, interested parties can clarify mutual ideas about nutrition, upbringing and other important details that come with living with a labrador baby. We never make a binding promise for  buying a puppy even via email and not even through a telephone conversation.

    It´s very important to remember that a labrador with good care can lives to be around 15-16 years old, the oldest girl from our breeding lived to be 17 and the dog almost 18. Anyone interested in a puppy must be prepared for the fact that living together with a dog brings not only joy, but sometimes also worry. And that, unfortunately, even dogs are not immune to illness and, especially at an older age, may come some health problems that come with aging brings

The intention of our kennel BOHEMIA BRAS is to breed healthy, well-balanced Labrador Retrievers with a good exterior and pleasant nature.

Since 1992 we have been doing x-rays of hip and elbow joints

Together with Ala Cecrdlova, we were one of the first breeders who pushed for the introduction of the obligation of these health examinations for inclusion among the breeding conditions of retrievers in the Czech Republic.
The second health aspect, which we consider very important, is the eye examination. Because we are convinced of itprinciple that the breed, which is most often used as a guide dog, must itself have completely healthy eyes. Our dogs therefore undergo a genetic test for Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (PRA-prcd).
Another genetically tests which our dogs undergo:
Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM)
Cystinuria, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC)
Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis (HNPK)
Tests of our dogs are sending for evaluation to the DDC DNA Diagnostic Center laboratory in Fairfield, Ohio, USA. Based on the results of these health tests, we then place our dogs in breedin.  Also for mating of our females we choose dogs that have also passed genetic tests. Therefore we are able to guarantee future owners that a puppy from us will never get sick with any of the aforementioned genetic defects.

    We always inform all new owners of our puppies how important a correct and responsible approach to their development is in the first year of life. Because the skeleton and joints - his entire supporting structure - develop up to a year and a half, it is very important to maintain great patience during this period and refrain from overexerting yourself with movement. Proper nutrition is also very important during the development period.

    To give you a better idea - a puppy in the period up to 18 months will go through the same phase of development as a child up to 15 years old.
I.e. for what a human child has 15 years = 180 months for his development, a dog puppy has has only 18 months = 10x less time for his development.
That is why it´s very important to maintain a resting regime for a sufficiently long time, especially for larger and giant breeds of dogs. The Labrador, despite being classified as a medium breed, needs, due to its adult weight, the same considerations as large breeds.
X-ray of newborn puppy
X-ray of a puppy in age 2 weeks

Approximate times of dog joint development
lower values apply to miniature and small breeds, higher values to medium and large breeds
Approximate development times of a dog's skeleton
on the left values relating to miniature and small breeds
on the right values relating to medium and large breeds

   The misconception have some people when they think that a Labrador is a very calm, phlegmatic, sometimes even apathetic dog. The opposite is true. Labradors really do not fulfill it. A healthy Labrador Retriever is an active dog with a wonderful personality, which has been bred for generations as a tireless companion and guide of man.
The credo of the Labrador is: A Labrador is happy when he feels that he makes you happy.

That's why all our dogs live with us in the house and you won't find any outdoor kennels here. A Labrador doesn´t need many miles of walks.  But if you indulge them to him as an adult, he will be very happy to accompany you on them. But his life will also be fulfilled by being a guide to an elderly or disabled person who cannot afford him so much exercise. A Labrador can live in a large house, from which it will have access to the garden, but it will also be a wonderful companion for a person living in a city apartment or in a studio. A labrador is not a barking fool who tangles under your feet. Labrador loves all activities from walks, playing, retrieving, swimming to "couching", which he will be very happy to do with you. Labrador is a creature with very high intelligence and empathy, which shares with you joy, but also your sadness. For a Labrador isn´t a suitable military drill, but by normal communication during which he understands almost every word you say.


    We respect the standard of the Labrador Retriever, which is the same for the entire breed, so we do not recognize any division into working and show types.
The body structure of the Labrador is a relatively massive dog, and for its original mission as a bringer (retriever), when he has to find and retrieve game in the field, even from dense vegetation, such as thick bushes, which it has to break through, but also from ice wate.Therefore the lay public can appear somewhat plumper, because, unlike other breeds of dogs, the belly from the chest to the groin must not be sunken (as, for example, hounds have), but must be at the same level as the depth of the chest along his entire length. This then evokes the assumption that the Labrador is fat. This is what is said about the labrador in the show evaluation, that he has the correct top and under line.
When viewed from above and from the side, it should appear like a uniform cylinder, i.e. it should not have a sunken belly, but also sunken hips.
The weight of an adult female is around 36 kg, and the weight of a well-built dog is 42-50 kg.

We are not subject to fashion trends, when one time a very heavy type is required, the other time skinny Labradors. If you compare our dogs from the beginnings of our breeding with our todays dogs, they are still of a uniform type.

For mating of our females, we mostly choose dogs from foreign breedings, which correspond to the type of our Labradors and which we believe they can be an asset to the breed in terms of quality and health. At the same time, our stud dogs mate only selected females, of the same type with health tests.

Below is an illustration of the difference in body structure between an Ibiza and a Labrador.


    As we mentioned at the beginning, the exhibition career of a puppy is in no way a criterion for our choice of future owners of our babies. But in the event that during the life of our dog, his owners show an interest in cynological activities, we will be very happy to advise them and within our possibilities and we will help in their beginnings.
We stay in contact with the owners of our puppies at least until the puppy is a year old, and we also have a condition in the purchase contract that they bring them to us during the first year for inspection in three important developmental stages. We are also ready to give advice and help at any time regarding nutrition, education and the health status of our puppies. For the owners of our puppies, we also organize a collective meeting of puppies around the 12th month of age. There they can meet their dog's siblings. For owneers of our puppies we organize weekly or weekend training stays.
With some owners we meet only within the first year of their dog's life, but some become our friends for life.

We help to all our labrador babies to come into the World.................

..........and we hold all our dogs in our arms when their time up.
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